A Spiritual Endeavor-A Place of Contemplation and Aggressive Action

Greetings to Tea Partyers, Progressives young and old-- particularly if you are disgusted with Washington gridlock and irresponsible leadership in Government and Business.
We hope this will be the most exciting website you have ever visited because we have designed it to collect your thinking about how to solve the most pressing issues of our times. Unlike other message websites, your ideas about making this a better world come first ! It has multimedia : songs, Art, instrumentals, and thoughtful articles-expressed as u tubes, recordings, and the written word.

We hope our visitors will find this website to be like a fresh, clear, cold stream where one can find a renewing drink. If there is a thirst for matters of social justice, help for the less fortunate, finding solutions to worrisome problems, this website will provide a place for reflection, restoration, and fresh, new, positive ideas to make your life, and those of others better.

Unlike Columbus, who sought new lands, this website explains the trail of understanding of what events of the past 15 years have most significantly affected the status quo. We begin on September 11, 2001. Not only the date of the collapse of the Twin Towers, but strangely coincidental, the publication of my book:

Virtue and Values for the Twenty First Century – Renewing America’s Character and Spirit.

In 2001, the book was about the ideas that had most significantly shaped the character of fifty accomplished friends from all walks of life; their beliefs and values. Success was not measured by fame, fortune or power, but rather by being a strong contributing member of family, school, and community. Most lamented the trends they foresaw.

In summary, my wife Joan’s closing statement found at the end of Virtues and Values, “The choices you make in life determine the life you live.”, is the foundation stone of this website:

“Your lifetime experiences and the beliefs they inculcate –they determine the choices we make – for good or evil -and shape the society we all live in."

From the jumping off point in 2001, study efforts and participation in Washington based non-profits were the focus, in the belief that lobbying activities might have some success. Due to the fragmentation of organizations all with the same aims, but bridled by reasons of autonomy, the progress of increasing secularism and ever more unequal flow of money to a favored few didn’t bring much success. Strategically, the muscle of big money was monumental relative to our war chests and organizations.

For the next few years, we concentrated on developing programs directed to each of the many problems offshoring and Chinese economic aggression had created. The solutions were narrowly economic, financial, and political. And the realization finally came that the great issue was the belief systems/ideologies that had taken over the public mind. Over several years, we created a plan covering the secular-- and the spiritual.

My article, A Plan for the Second American Revolution provides details from a dozen DC sources.

In 2010, with the help of two recent graduates of Wittenberg College, we shifted resources to the internet world with the launch of our website in an attempt to reach younger minds, college graduates, and the recently unemployed/underemployed. Visits to the site soon trailed off as we realized our structure was wrong and articles too long. We had not made good access nor had we created a bully pulpit. We hope you find this new site user friendly and informative.

Arriving at our destination...

The following two pieces precisely define the principle causes of the current political, moral,
and economic problems (our arrival at our destination); pieces which completely explain the recent history we have tracked for 2 decades! We suggest you view these as a means to comprehensive contemplation over our complex array of national and world issues.

A book by Hedrick Smith, Who Stole the American Dream, chronicling the events from 1970 that caused massive redistribution of wealth; unemployment not seen since the 1930s, muddled policies over oil, the Middle East, and the ambitions of nation building.

The second is a talk by England’s senior Rabbi, Lord Jonathan Sachs, Has Europe Lost Its Soul?, defining the recent history of anti-Semitism and the Judeo-Christian roots of capitalism and the decline of Europe as those traditions of ethical conduct have been replaced by a secular void.

We are most interested in the ideas you, the visitor, can provide. Please visit The Tree of Opportunity and Hope and see how we ask you to express your thoughts and help us construct a fresh new way to think success for Americans and the world.

More to come: With time, we hope to add songs, instrumentals and art as well as the articles that build this movement. We are preparing a musical/video introduction sung to the music of Finlandia by the voices of St. Mary's Church in Aspen, Co., and known to many Christians as "This is my Song".  It expresses a prayer for peace, and emphasizes the bond which unites mankind. By this theme, we set the stage for an ecumenical platform.
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